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How Euroshine
made a difference for this large car retailer.

Company A:
 Large franchise of a well known manufacturer were found that with Euroshine's help more cars were in pristine condition to be shown to the public & saw a subsequent increase in sales.


This large retail focused organisation required a valet partner to integrate with their already established but understaffed preparation centre.

Primary goal
To ensure that the stock was always suitable for presentation to the public, the companies high standards were at the time being let down by the issue of car exteriors not always being clean enough for demonstration.
Our client was also concerned that the current operation was not as green as it may have been and that possible new legislation would leave them open to fines.

Using Euroshine team onsite & Euroshines exclusive software as well as our in-depth knowledge of suitable products we were able to offer vehicle valet status, ensuring that each car that arrives on the forecourt has a full interior and exterior valet using the correct products, emphasising that its full potential was displayed. Our software then automatically notifies clients and Euroshine staff when, should the car still be in stock, that the car needs a minor valet to keep its pristine look

Our software also provides a full audit trail for vehicle tracking, accountancy purposes as well as enabling staff to see at a glance the current status of any item of stock enabling them to concentrate on the primary target of selling cars.
Euroshine provided a number of full time team members into the existing preparation team to ensure seamless integration of new (eco friendly) working products and practices.

Our client noticed very quickly the general quality of car preparation increased by noticeable margin, better presented stock enabled our client to continue a steady increase in sales in a very competitive market.
Using our bespoke software our client is always informed of the cars location and status, the software also enables paperless accountancy with a full audit trail.
Euroshine staff are now an part of this clients team ensuring that the companies exacting standards are maintained.
Our collaboration was so beneficial to our client we were asked to replicate this synergy at their second site with the same level of success.




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