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Euroshine &
the environment

Lowering your carbon footprint
Sustainable Resources
Massive R&D
Zero Water Options
Food Safe Chemicals
Ecologically aware workforce
Autosmart & Diamond Brite Certified
Minimal Environment Impact
Eco Aware & Friendly Products

Euroshine are a rapidly growing, mature highly experienced dynamic team with extremely high standards. In a competitive market Euroshine lead the way. Euroshine is THE Valet Company others try to emulate.
Euroshine are aware that as an industry we have, over the years received a bad press for our use of chemicals and impact on the local environment.

Euroshine seek to address this by using industry standard equipment, approved products supplied only by recognised companies and only highly trained confident personnel to carry out the work.

Euroshine work closely with innovative companies like Autosmart who pour huge amounts of resources into the research and development of environmentally friendly products, zero water products as well as biodegradable products when run off to local waste systems is unavoidable.

"Cleaning vehicles should be green in a mainstream commercially economically viable way and not left to the fringe elements." - Helen Deverick - Operations Manager
As a company and as individuals Euroshine are committed to lowering both our carbon footprint and the impact of our activities on our and our partners environment

strongly believe that with product development from forward thinking partners like Autosmart and a conscious effort from operators that cleaning vehicles should not destroy the environment.

Euroshine are Investors In People & an Equal Opportunity Employers

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